This one from a while ago, one of my early tanka. I was delighted to have it published, not only in Eucalypt 6 in 2009, but also in the National Library of Australia’s Little Book about Weather, 2010

silent thaw
weeping from ice lace
stirs the stream…
fretting my spirit
the tears you do not feel

Summer reminds me of the Hunter Valley and its vineyards. This tanka was published in 4th Haiku Pacific Rim Conference Anthology, September 2009

grape vines stretch
along a wire –
tied to sunshine
in a country
two hundred years away

The first day of spring down under reminds me of one of my tanka from Gemstones, a collection of tanka written in collaboration with Carmel Summers, Julie Thorndyke, Marilyn Humbert and Jan Foster from Australia, Patricia Prime from New Zealand, Luminita Suse from Canada and Claire Everett from UK.

muscles recoil
on this first long walk
… wattle dusts off
its perfume, plum trees
shake out pink tuille