After all this time

I’m happy to announce the publication of my new book, “After all this time”, published by Coventry Press in Melbourne.

I have been developing this book since about 2016, so I am delighted now that is available. It records my attempts to understand the centre of my faith. I chose to do this largely in poetry.

The publisher describes it this way:

“In After all this time Reflections on Jesus, Anne Benjamin invites us on pilgrimage with her, to rediscover the sources of her faith and to express in contemporary language what it means to accept Jesus of Nazareth and his teaching as an authentic way to shape life and give meaning in our world.

On this journey, she brings insight, scholarship, poetry, reflection and prayer as she uncovers the people, the traditions, the religion, the customs, the social reality of first century Palestine so necessary to understand the life and teaching of the man who is at the heart of our faith.

Anne invites us ā€“ as individuals and within groups ā€“ to reflect on incidents and events from the Gospels, offering context, commentary, practical help for sharing, responding, discussion, prayer ā€“ and, above all, opportunities to deepen knowledge and to grow in faith.”

Copies of the book are available from the publisher at:

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